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Innovation at its best. We work with cutting edge technology to deliver business solutions.

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The E64 Innovation Labs is Enterprise64’s investment in cultivating new and innovative thinking and ideas.
It provides an environment for employees, partners and customers to come together to engage on ideas that will help meet our customers’ future needs.
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Improve and Innovate with the Tech Trends

Our team can assist you in transforming your business through latest tech capabilities to stay ahead of the curve.

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Cutting Edge Technology

Innovation is critical for both established companies looking to stay relevant and startups looking to disrupt. At Enterprise64 we partner with leading educational institutions and innovators to experiment with new ideas, out of the box thinking and push the envelope. We use small creative teams that can focus on anything from establishing new business models, creating new services or products, and improving internal processes or visions.

Our labs also promote skills and concepts that everyone can learn, allowing them to contribute to the innovation process.

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Passionate about new tech?

Join our amazing team and work on the latest tech!

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Investing In The Future

We are working on tomorrow's innovations today by:
  • Creating a “fail fast” organizational culture by allowing our employees to experiment on ideas and to let them know it is OK to fail at first, use them as learning opportunities and pushing the envelope towards the desired positive future state.
  • Fostering new ideas by creating experimentation spaces and advancing disruptive technologies
  • Enabling intrapreneurship with expert counsel and support for fast development and prototyping
  • Co-innovating with customers, employees and partners to solve industry-specific challenges and shape the next generation of business technology

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