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From Astra to AI Search— Google I/O 2024’s Most Exciting Developments

A quick 5-minute read on the updates and takeaways from the Google I/O 2024 Conference. From the latest development in Google’s Gemini to the introduction of Project Astra and Veo and AI-driven search, here are the key tools and features that have been released and are yet to be released later this year.

Key takeaways from the Google I/O 2024 

Project Astra

In an experimental project built on the Gemini model, Google’s team developed agents that can process information by continuously and quickly encoding video frames, merging the video and speech input into a timeline of events, and recalling them at quick prompts.

At the event, they showcased a demo where Astra was able to identify a speaker, understand which part of the speaker made noises, read the code, and explain it to the user.

In another example, a woman in the office asks Astra if it remembers where it saw her glasses, and Astra correctly reminds her that her glasses are on the table near a red apple.


A Google DeepMind’s generative video model, Veo is trained to make high-quality videos from text, image, and video inputs. The tool understands your prompts and puts them in different video and cinematic output.

Users can either prompt for aerial landscapes or time-lapses and further edit the video using additional prompts as per their needs.

Google is also exploring Veo for storyboarding and making longer sequences to help users exercise unparalleled creative control.

AI Overviews for Search

The Google search is about to take itself to the next level; soon we’ll see AI-organized search results.

A demonstration showed how a tool searches for a random user coming to Dallas to celebrate his anniversary at a restaurant. Besides showing the typical options in the search results pages, the AI model explores some interesting angles and organizes the results in different clusters.

For example, the user might be interested in restaurants offering live music, or those with historic charm and elegance. The AI will even consider contextual factors, like the time of year, and if it’s warm in Dallas, you’ll get restaurant options with rooftop patios.

The Gemini AI will pull everything together in a dynamic, whole-page experience. This AI-induced search experience will start with dining and recipes, and then proceed to include movies, music, books, shopping, hotels, etc.

Gemini Live

Have an in-depth conversation with Gemini Live! Gemini can now better understand your prompts and respond thanks to using Google’s latest speech models.

The Gemini Live is now smart enough to stop responding when you interrupt and even adapt to your language and speech patterns.

The tool will see what you see and respond to your surroundings in real-time. On top of that, users can customize their Gemini and create personal experts, named Gems, on any topics they want assistance with.


The Google I/O 2024 was all about AI and its advancements and incorporation into Gemini through projects like Veo, Astra, AI for search, Gemini Live, and AI for Workspace.

Although there were around 100 announcements at I/O 2024 in different categories, including AI moments and model momentum, generative media models, new approaches to get more work done with the Gemini app, updates in search, models in Workspace, Android advancements, responsible AI progress, and developments for developers, the essence of advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning takes the lead.

With AI taking over Googlers minds, we can safely assume that this is just the beginning for developers who’ll be grabbing the AI technology by the first line of code and start powerful building applications for quality user experience and assistance.


Ghazanfar Ghori

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