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October 12, 2019

SAP Integration with Business Process Workflows

The Challenge

Integrate existing business systems with SAP. Danone’s ERP system, SAP, was implemented before micro-services were considered mainstream. Integration of SAP and the rest of the COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) packages was fragile, one-way and prone to issues that required hours to debug. With business growing rapidly, this needed to be addressed urgently.
“This was not an easy project by any means. We had delayed this for years due to the complexity. Enterprise64’s team was professional, analytical and thorough, giving us the peace of mind that nothing was missed. The execution was flawless and the project delivery with the utmost quality and on time. We couldn’t be happier!” – VP Engineering

The Solution

Create a strategy that allows business to continue unimpaired while modernizing.
Working with business and technical leaders, we created a strategy that provided end-to-end integration. Leveraging our a flexible Middleware product, Baker, and custom build microservice wrappers on existing code, we enabled business process transactions to seamlessly integrate throughout the enterprise. A completely new workflow management system was also implemented, creating a seamless, error free, scalable, unified process.

Technical solution & Technology stack

The middleware component leveraged Baker, a proprietary integration platform that allowed us rapidly start stitching disparate APIs into a seamless workflow. Integration between processes was achieved though custom APIs, platform APIs, SAP Enterprise Messaging and Webhooks to maximize flexibility and scalability. A custom web interface was also created to provide easy management of the end-to-end workflow and reporting.