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October 12, 2019
Lockheed Martin

Center of Excellence – Quality Assurance and Test Automation

The Challenge

Modernize and integrate disparate business systems. As a large federal contractor, Lockheed Martin is considered to be the leader in advanced technology and innovation that directly helps many aspects of civil and defense agencies.
Lockheed Martin was tasked to ensure that all electronic services of the Social Security Administration are up to the highest standards and work flawlessly to provide the best customer service to the American public and partnered with Enterprise64 to deliver.
“Enterprise64 had deep insight of the SSA business processes and understanding of complex systems to build the testing environment that reduced manual redundancies, reduced the project critical path, and ensure that the Production applications are up to the highest standards expected by our customer and the American public.” – Lockheed Martin Task Manager

The Solution

Create a strategy that allows business to continue unimpaired while modernizing.
Our senior consultants provided leadership in designing the first Testing and Validation Center of Excellence for the Social Security Administration, first of any civil agency. The processes and innovation established to build the CoE was acknowledged by the Director of Division of Quality, Testing, and Validation and the Associate Commissioner of Office of Systems and Electronic Services as one of the first IT initiatives to significantly reduce the defects in the Production environment and ensure the integrity of many electronic Services. The processes established by CoE were implemented throughout the lifecycle of each project that also helped achieve the CMMi Level 3 and 4 maturity.

Technical solution & Technology stack

The team developed automated scripts that were not only used by the Test Engineers, but also the development and analytical teams to build unit test cases and traceablity matrix for each critical system. The scripts were designed to follow strict guidelines laid out by the NIST and the architecture was developed to fit any size of the project regardless of the technology. The CoE was immediately implemented to test all new Java and Mobile applications and showcased by the SSA to different federal agencies as an effort to promote smart methods and applications.